Carey Lening

Carey Lening

About Me

Hi, I'm Carey Lening. I'm constantly curious, and always puzzling over the complexities in life -- be they systems, people, or organizations. I gravitate towards hard problems that don't have easy answers, particularly those of the legal, tech, and policy persuasions.

I've had 20 years of experience writing and advising on data protection, privacy & technology law, information security, and related disciplines. Over that time, I've gotten really good at identifying societal and organizational pain points, recognizing that problems rarely have a one-size-fits-all solution, and explaining complex topics in simple and plain terms.

I'm currently working as a freelance data protection, legal & policy consultant for companies around the world. I also write a (mostly weekly) blog on data protection, fast-moving technology trends, and the implications of legal and policy decisions made in response. It's pretty wonky stuff, but I do try to make it accessible and interesting.

My cross-functional background means I'm equally at ease discussing legal nuances with lawyers and regulators, hashing out technical details with engineers and information security professionals, and presenting high-level overviews to the C-Suite. I also think I'm funny, so that helps.

You can send me an email, or find me on Bluesky and LinkedIn.


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