About Carey


Hi, I’m Carey Lening. I consider myself a constantly curious learner, and tend to gravitate towards trying to understand and explain the complexities in law, policy, technology, and data protection/privacy. Especially when those complexities intersect. 

I’ve had 20 years of experience consulting and advising on law, information security, data protection and related matters, and was most recently a data protection officer and advisory consultant for a small firm in Ireland. Over that time, I’ve gotten really good at identifying societal and organizational pain points, recognizing that problems rarely have a one-size-fits-all solution, and explaining complex topics in simple and plain terms. My cross-functional background means I’m equally at ease discussing legal nuances with lawyers and regulators, hashing out technical details with engineers and information security professionals, and presenting high-level overviews to the C-Suite. I also think I’m funny, so that helps. 

I’m passionate about data protection, privacy and security, and write about it regularly on Substack.